Rose Thorns, the newly dubbed name for the campaign we’ve been playing in for longer than a year’s time.

The Story Thus Far:

Avi, Rodert, Harkon, Norkus, Treer, and Arrrvven, intrepid adventurers and operatives working for the “Organization” the secret service of the Duchy of Garenos, under the direct orders of Duke Redmond inspected an abandoned ruin on the search for a bugbear bandit that had been raiding merchant caravans passing by the western highways for months.

The search was successful, but they decided to continue exploring the ruined monastery’s depths, and unwittingly opened a crypt where an ancient vampiric monk known as Dagoth was imprisoned centuries past. The seals were broken, and he escaped from his prison, nearly killing the group, but allowing them to live in his haste to escape.

They managed to survive, albeit barely, and slowly made their way back to the free city of Garenos to recuperate. Several days passed without the slightest hint of trouble, but before they knew it, they were back on the job, as Aramil, elven rogue and contact within the organization, brought news of some unusual disappearances within the town.

A notable sorcerer and member of the Arcanist’s Guild, Narev, had disappeared for some days, as well as a priestess of Wee Jas, Justina, who had associated with him in the past weeks. The group was dispatched, and after a brief search within the town, they pinpointed the disappearances with the strange obelisk in the marketplace known only as the “Ministry of Winds”. The ministry turned out to be a nesting ground for the insane spirits of long dead sorcerers who had possessed the two, as well as a minotaur and a barghest, and had summoned barbazu to augment their defenses. The ministry’s former occupants were dead set on possessing the “Sceptre of Clouds” which was to them a powerful magic relic, but which was in for all intents and purposes a simple family heirloom belonging to Deddin, priest of Wee Jas.

Narev and Justina were freed from their shackles once removed from the Ministry, and they were once again reunited with their family and fellow clergymen. Thanks to their efforts, the group was rewarded by Narev’s sister Nareis and they were once again able to enjoy a brief period of rest before being called back on the job a few days later.

All contact had been lost with one of the iron mines belonging to the duchy of Garenos, located on the side of the Serpentcoil Mountains north of Garenos near the town of Tun’Er. The mines were defended by a small fort set up by the Garenos army in the past, but was subsequently abandoned due to the declaration of war with the Rhobar empire under Empress Myrtana’s rule.

As they approached the once-empty fort they discovered it had been subsequently taken over by a hobgoblin warband, numbering more than 30, with several trolls under their command, as well as undead monstrosities. The group bravely stormed the fort, killing most of the invaders, and their undead minions, as the trolls fled to the safety of the caves to regroup, leaving the prisoners in the camp. The freed prisoners, once miners of the cave, were released, and the group continued the search, discovering a warehouse full of dug ore, packed into crates and ready for shipping, invoiced to an unknown recipient.

The group pressed on, investigating the caves and discovering the surviving trolls and slaying them, whilst simultaneously discovering the mastermind, an orc death priest, who, after an arduous fight with the group, managed to escape by plane shifting. The group discovered and abandoned tunnel, and followed it, leading to an abandoned dwarf ruin, which had several tunnels voluntarily collapsed. The tunnels were cleared, only to reveal the reason as to why the tunnels had been destroyed: a bebilith, who had wandered from places unknown into the mine. The group survived, managing to defeat the foul demon, but not without the near death of Arrrvven.

They left the mine in the hands of the Tun’Er militia, and pressed to the small town to recuperate, where their rest was interrupted, due to the unexpected rise of undead in the cemetery mounds outside the town. The crypts affected were then cleared, and Avi claimed his hands on Deathbreaker, a powerful artefact sword designed to destroy necromancers.

The group returned to Garenos, unaware that prior to their arrival and shortly thereafter spying eyes were well set on them, with the foulest of intents…

Rose Thorns

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