The largest city and capital of the duchy of Garenos. Classified as a small city, this walled town is built on the shores of the Balmora River, and is located south of the Serpentcoil Mountains. The town is of lawful inclination, and among its peculiarities, only lawful-aligned churches are allowed to open a church and have legal standing within the town. The city is governed by Duke Gwynthar Erdasfett, who recently stepped in to take the ageing Duke Redmond’s place as duke. The duchy is currently at war with The Rhobar Empire to the West.

Garenos is built above the remains of a dead civilization known helpfully as Old Garenos, the ruins of which which can be accessed through the Garenos Sewer System.

Garenos is split into multiple districts, including The Market District and The Pinewood District.

The Party are fairly certain that Garenos is currently suffering an infestation of Vampires.


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