Rose Thorns

New companions, new leads

The group continued their search, and after a few days without any new leads the gruop began to lose hope, just as two new companions joined the group: A druid called Lirael and a Hafling sorcerer. The two arrived in the city to investigate the recent cases of vampiric activity that had infested the forest, and their own search had led them to Garenos. They joined forces with the group, and continued their search of the sewers where Zyklas had been found. There, they found an unexpected horror as the group found a hidden shrines to the goddess Wee Jas built by a heretical cult of the goddess. After searching the ruins and marvelling at its horrors and restless spirits, they found the true source of the horrors: a secret shrine to the dark god of death Nerull. Here, the group was then ambushed by the vampires once more, and they battled the vampire’s minions: a mhorg, several zombies and more vampire spawn. The battle was fierce, and in order to save his companion’s lives, the sorcerer decided to sacrifice his own life for the sake of his companion’s by setting off all the beads on his Necklace of Fireballs. After a ground shaking roar, the vampires and the halfling were no more.



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